Our mission

$PINKPANDA is aiming to onboard millions of new users to DeFi, giving juicy yields and financial freedom to your grandma. She won’t even need tech support from you, since our app is agonizingly polished and easy to use.

No longer will you have to wait for your “bank” to access your funds or pay “hidden fees.” No longer will your bank continue to increase its wealth while only decreasing the value of your hard earned money.

No longer will DeFi be so complicated that you must have specialized knowledge, a laptop and a large amount of patience to use it…

Week 4 update

It’s really hard to believe it’s been a month already, isn’t it? I wanted to take a moment to recap not only what we’ve accomplished the past week, but also address current market conditions and advise on how we’re adapting our approach.

Current market conditions:
When we conceptualized PinkPanda, we felt there was a very strong chance of if not a “Bear” market, at least a sideways market. when we launched on May 28th, here were some key crypto comparisons at the time of this writing:

BTC: May 28 $39,000 June 26 $32,800 Change: -15.9%

ETH: May 28 $2,700 June…

So as most of you know, the past 21 days — and especially the last 7, have been quite the ride. I want to take a moment and reflect some of the things that have happened in the past 7 days:

We hit several milestones:

  • We released 1.1 of our mobile app which was a significant upgrade
  • We had our 2nd charity contribution of 2 ETH to the Go2 Foundation for Lung Cancer
  • We’re over 7,600 holders
  • We have 3,200 mobile installs (that number blows my mind!)

2 Weeks Old & Just Getting Started!

We are over 2 weeks post launch already and super excited to share several project updates. Our app V1 has been launched on both iOS & Android, with an app update launch just around the corner! Also, we have gained lots of visibility and have increased our volume and holders significantly. At just over 5600 holders we have already added multiple team members.

Mobile App Feature Updates

For the next mobile release, because voting requires some back-end infrastructure we decided to flip version 1.1 and 1.2. The following features will be added to 1.1:

• Token Balance…

We launched our app V1 only 1 week after our token went live!

Screenshots of Our new Iphone App

We’re so proud to announce that on June 4th, the iOS 1.0 PinkPandaDefi mobile application became available on the App Store! This first release allows a $PINKPANDA holder to input their wallet address and get a real-time price update as well as an estimate of their holdings worth in USD (we will be adding additional currencies in the future). The Android release with the same functionality is imminent — it moved into “in review” status yesterday.

This first release is only the first of many, and we…

A look back over the past 7 days — Our Community Has Grown Tremendously

We launched PinkPanda Finance seven days ago, with a small team of people based all over the world — ranging in age, background, and skills, but united by a burning desire to bring something truly new to the Binance Smart Chain. Since then we’ve been tremendously successful. And we don’t mean our market cap, though that has of course been skyrocketing. We’d like to single out what we believe is the greatest reason for our success thus far and moving forwards: our community.

I’m guessing you, the reader, are at least tangentially familiar with the BSC cryptocurrency ecosystem. It’s not…

Wow, what a ride. BSC has rocketed into prominence, bringing decentralized finance (DeFi) to a truly inspiring number of people. But its tooling is lacking, to say the least. Sophisticated DEXs that support everything from limit orders to cross-margined spot trading simply don’t exist, and the few lackluster platforms around get exploited on a sadly regular basis.

We’re not claiming to invent the wheel. But we’re a seasoned, hardened group of developers who are confident in our ability to bring the polished platforms pioneered on Ethereum and Solana to BSC.

Powerful Use Case


$PINKPANDA is a yield-generating cryptocurrency with a charitable twist, building a sophisticated leveraged DEX for the BSC community.

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